Why should I get a slipcover?
Whether you have kids, pets or just an active lifestyle a slipcover is a great option. If you have good quality furniture that needs an updated look, then a slipcover is definitely your answer.

How do I get a quote?
Send a photo of your furniture to info@sewitupknox.com with details about the style of slipcover you are wanting and the type of fabric you have in mind. We will get back to you with a price and yardage quote as well as answer any other questions you may have.

What do you charge?
A general guide of our prices are listed here. Again, once we have the details on your specific project we will provide you with a formal quote.

Do you provide fabric?
We do not sell fabric. Customers have the freedom to purchase fabric from their choice of supplier so they may have the greatest selection and price. We can give you a list of the best suppliers in the local area and help guide you in the direction of fabrics that are good for slipcovering.

How do I choose my fabric?
The fabric stores are very helpful with steering you in the right direction if you let them know you are having a slipcover made. Generally, you want to stay away from really thick fabrics, especially upholstery fabric, as we have to sew through many layers to make the slipcover. You also want to make sure when choosing a fabric that it covers over the current upholstery. If you have a very dark/vibrant/patterned existing upholstery you don’t want to go with a fabric that has any sheerness to it as you will see right through the slipcover. Cotton, cotton blends, twill, denim, and linens all tend to work well for slipcovers.  Fabrics that are stiff or "tight" generally do not work as well as fabrics that have a small amount of stretch to them.
If you have purchased a fabric that is washable and you want to be able to wash your finished covers, you need to be sure to pre-wash and dry your fabric prior to us making the slipcovers so that any shrinkage will happen on the front end. One thing to consider when going the route of washing your slipcovers is that it may change the overall look of your fabric. It is often a good idea to test a small piece first to make sure that you are satisfied with the look once it has been washed. Most fabrics recommend dry-cleaning, with the advantages being that the fabric will last longer and look nicer long-term. The disadvantage is that it is more costly and less convenient than washing your slipcovers.

How does the process work?
Once you have received a quote from us and we have finalized all details, we will add you to our list while you are choosing your fabric. When we are getting close to your project we will make an appointment for a pickup/delivery or we will come to your home for a measure/pin-fitting. Usually within a week, your slipcover will be ready! (You can also read more details about our process here.)

Do I have to be without my furniture?
Not necessarily. We are able to pin fit some pieces on site, in your home for an additional charge. However, we typically will need the furniture in our workroom in order to get the best fit. Once we start on your project we are committed to that individual project and usually have it completed and back to you within a week or less.

How long does it take?
Most slipcovers are usually completed in a week once we have your fabric and furniture and have started the process. Sometimes, less time is needed depending on the jobs we have in the workroom at the time.  If you need an order rushed, we may be able to accommodate with a 25% up charge.

How do I care for my slipcovers?
Depending on your fabric selection and if you pre-washed and dried your fabric prior to having the slipcover made, you can just throw it in the washer! Most slipcovers that are made of linen or cotton blends can be machine washed using a regular cycle and your choice of laundry detergent. You can put the slipcover in the dryer with no heat for about 10-15 minutes. Make sure to remove the slipcover from your dryer while it is still damp and fit back onto your furniture damp so that if any shrinking occurred during the dry time, it will stretch back out. If you plan to wash your slipcovers often it is important to get a durable fabric that will hold up well long-term. Dry-cleaning is also a good option for fabrics that are not washable and will also help the slipcovers to keep a more structured look and hold up long-term.

Do I need to purchase new cushions/foam if our current ones are misshapen and "worn-out"?
Purchasing new cushions or foam is usually not necessary unless it is something you prefer to do. We do provide a pillow and cushion "refresh," replacing or adding wrap to seat cushions & adding loose fill to back cushions (the cost is based on amount of materials used). This is usually enough to give the appearance of brand new cushions without as much of an added cost. However, if your current cushions have started to disintegrate, this will not be an option and you will need to replace them. We do not purchase or cut foam for new cushions; that is something you will need to purchase prior to us making your covers.