Custom Slipcover Services

We specialize in custom slipcovers in Knoxville, Tennessee and the surrounding areas.

Whether you have children, pets or are just looking to change the design of a room, a slipcover can be the perfect solution for your lifestyle. If your furniture is still in great shape but you want to update it to match your current style, then a custom slipcover may be just the answer you've been looking for.

Many people hear the word slipcover and envision a loose and sloppy looking product - fabric simply draped over a piece of furniture and tucked in. Custom slipcovers, however, are much different than the "one size fits all" slipcovers you can buy in a store or online. Our slipcovers are custom made to fit your furniture, giving them the tailored fit and look of upholstery at a significantly lesser cost. Additionally, you have the benefit of slipcovers being completely removable for cleaning.

We make slipcovers to fit all kinds of upholstered furniture, including: sofas, club chairs, wingback chairs, dining chairs and ottomans, to name a few. We also make covers for pillows, cushions, headboards and mattresses.

What We Need

Once you have decided that you are interested in having a slipcover made and would like a formal quote, please visit our contact page or send a photo of your furniture and some details on the slipcover style you are wanting to We will be able to give you a labor quote and also let you know how much fabric you will need for your project. You can also take a look at our pricing and yardage guides for a general range.

Each slipcover is meticulously cut from your purchased fabric to achieve a custom look and proper fit. We need access to your furniture in order to do this pin-fitting, cutting and sewing. We prefer to do all of this from our workroom, however in a few special circumstances we may be able to fit and cut directly from your home for larger furniture pieces. In this case, your slipcovers are then put together in our workroom and once completed, returned to your home and fit back on your furniture. For all furniture delivered directly to our workroom, we will complete your slipcovers within 1-2 weeks for pickup upon completion.

You can check out more specific details about our process here. Also take a look at our FAQ page for any additional questions you may have.

Benefits of Slipcovering

- Changes the look of your existing furniture instantly

- Allows you to re-use your favorite pieces while updating their style

- Cost is often significantly less than re-upholstery

- Unlike upholstery, slipcovers are removable for easy cleaning

- Non-permanent option allows for design changes in the future - Have a different look for every season!

- Quick and easy process - once we start on your project we are typically done within 1 week

interested in having a custom slipcover made?